How many people can the facility hold?

The room can hold maximum 240 people with a sit down dinner and no dancing or auction tables. 200 people with a sit down dinner and no dance floor. And 175 people with dancing and a buffet or sit down dinner. Our tables are 72 inch round tables that hold 10 to 12 people at them

What is included in your pricing?

Our pricing includes your full meal which usually consists of three courses, dessert, coffee/ tea, and soft drinks. Also we provide the set up which is: your choice of linens, tables, chairs, china, glassware, and silverware. Tax and Gratuity is also included in the pricing.

What is not included in your pricing?

Our pricing does not include centerpieces of any kind, candles, or any other decorations. Also it is not our responsibility to provide entertainment, but you most certainly can bring someone in.

Is there a fee to rent the hall?

Since we are a county facility there is a $125.00 rental fee for the use of the room. This fee goes directly to the Mercer County Park Commission not our catering company.

How many servers and bartenders do you schedule to work?

Staffing really depends on how elaborate your party is. Usually we staff one server to every 25 people. Every party will have a captain which will be the leader of the party. With plated dinners we usually have extra people working the floor as floaters.


Bartenders are usually staffed by every 75-100 people. The busiest part of your event would be the cocktail hour which we would have two bartenders for 75- 100 people. Then after the hour, the second bartender would work as a server; always being available to jump behind the bar if needed to. Anything more than 120 people we would have two bartenders on for the whole night.

Is your food cooked on the premises?

Mercer Oaks Country Club is equipped with a full working kitchen. That allows us to prep and cook everything fresh daily. Nothing is being transported here.

Can I bring in my own food or caterer?

Unfortunately, there are no outside caterers allowed to cook here. We have our own chefs who prepare all the food for the parties here. There are situations where we will allow you to bring ethnic dishes or special foods due to allergies into the facility by signing a waiver explaining the food was not prepared by us therefore we are not held responsible. Additionally, bringing your own dishes in will not adjust the pricing.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

We do have a liquor license which allows us to sell liquor on the premises. Therefore it is against the law for you to bring in your own alcohol. We offer beer and wine packages, open bar packages, and cash bar s as well. If there is a certain type of alcohol you want at your event we will try our best to get it for within our budget. If the liquor request is outside your package budget we can still purchase the liquor for you at the costs.

How many hours can I rent the facility?

Majority of parties run for four hours. The room will be available to you an hour and half before the event for any set up or decorating you may have. Weddings are generally five hours. You may extend your party longer for an additional cost.


Times of events:
Breakfasts: 9-1pm
Brunches: 10:00-2:00pm
Lunches: 12:00-4:00pm
Dinners: 5:00-9:00pm

Is the patio available for outside events?

When you are renting the ballroom, the patio adds a nice accent to your party. Weather permitting you can have your cocktail hour outside or a portion of your event outside. There is patio furniture outside for relaxing outdoors as well. Wedding Ceremonies also take place outside on the patio.

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